why hire a virtual assistant?

You might be the world’s best entrepreneur. You have started a business, things are going well, and you are busy every day talking to customers, processing orders, sending invoices, amongst other important tasks. You feel like you have cracked it, but what is next?

Is it time to delegate some tasks and allow yourself some headspace to start growing your business?

One of the biggest risks to your momentum is allowing yourself to get stuck performing the day-to-day business tasks. This is where a virtual assistant can really help.

Why choose a virtual assistant over hiring someone on PAYE?

• Low risk – flexible staff provide a low-risk option to employers in this unpredictable post-Covid-19 world. Most small businesses that fail do so because they run into cash flow problems. With virtual assistants, you only pay for the hours you need. If your business shrinks, you’re not stuck with an employee whose time you need to fill. You can simply cancel your virtual assistant package and remove all the costs from your business.

• Cost-efficient – recruitment campaigns, interviewing, and choosing the wrong person can be very expensive. With a virtual assistant, you may pay a slightly higher hourly rate, but all the hassle is taken away. We already have people waiting to support your business. We have vetted them so you only get the best people. In the unlikely circumstance, they’re not right for you, we’ll simply find you another virtual assistant that is. Moreover, with a virtual assistant, you will only pay for the hours you need, helping avoid waste. View our packages – click here.

• Multi-skill your business – access to flexible professionals at low hourly rates means you can add all the skills your business needs to be successful. In the traditional jobs market, finding someone with years of experience in all the functions you need is virtually impossible. Why hire one person with a limited range of experience for 15 hours a week, when you could have three people, all with different skills and experience, for 5 hours a week on completely flexible terms? You can see all the skills we offer by clicking here.

• Quick access to a large pool of talent – business is booming, find you need some additional support? Have immediate access to new people you can trust to help manage those fluctuations in demand effectively.

Why choose Virtually Colleagues?

• Our experience – we have experience building cost-effective remote teams to run our businesses. Our experience has enabled us to build a network of highly talented virtual assistants across the UK. We want to help you by implementing our task-focused management systems into your business, to help you get things running like clockwork and to give you the time and energy to focus on your business’s success. Click here to contact us now.

• Honest and transparent billing – do not pay for any time that has not been spent supporting your business. Each month we will send you a detailed task by task breakdown of what our virtual assistants have achieved and what we are billing you for.

• Dedicated client managers to give you all the support you need – if there’s ever an issue that needs resolving, you will have direct access to your account manager who will resolve the issue swiftly and professionally. If you have any questions, they’ll be happy to answer them. No nonsense, if they don’t know the answer, they will find it for you.

• Our central management, task-focused systems, and highly experienced virtual assistants mean no time is wasted micro-managing – we manage our virtual assistants and ensure they’re on task and delivering for you. We only hire highly talented and experienced self-starters, so training requirements are minimal and you can delegate your tasks to someone you trust.

How to hire a virtual assistant and make a success of it?

• Hire the skills and experience you need – be completely honest with us in your consultation about what you need and what skill gaps you have in your business. Our job is to match you with the right virtual assistant, so you get the right person, the first time.

• Communicate regularly – to imbed virtual assistants into your business and make a success of the long-term. Remember they are your valued colleagues who are dedicated to making your business successful. Check-in with them, make them feel valued and enjoy the benefits of a highly engaged and motivated virtual workforce.

• Trust your virtual assistant – you have hired a virtual assistant to free up your time. You have come to Virtually Colleagues to get someone highly experienced that you can rely on. Delegate your tasks, make your virtual assistants accountable, and then trust them to deliver!

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