Sourcing great talent is a problem for companies of all sizes, scales, and sectors. In the midst of a global pandemic, recruitment is more difficult than ever – particularly for companies where access to the right employees often requires their new hires to relocate.

With Virtually Colleagues, companies can rely on virtual talent to develop the right workforce, regardless of where they are based. Many of today’s top businesses use virtual talent to build and maintain their workforce, with several key benefits to this approach over a more traditional, officebound ethos.

The new remote way of working looks set to become a fixture of many companies long after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, and yet that is only the start of why virtual colleagues work so well for contemporary businesses.

Virtually Colleagues co-founder Lewis Hadaway brings with him extensive experience of managing and sourcing virtual staff. Alongside his work at Virtually Colleagues, he also runs the successful CBD brand Hempura, which is entirely staffed by virtual colleagues. In addition, prior experience within the nuclear project management industry has equipped him with the skills to identify and nurture talent, enduring timely projects are met with precision and optimum effectiveness.

The team at Virtually Colleagues are skilled in assisting business owners with the repetitive tasks which often take up considerable time. The company then manages and implements efficient processes to help complete each task, so clients can rest assured of a successful end result. All internal management is handled by Virtually Colleagues, reducing pressure on client businesses, and reducing the negative impact of staff reduction or losses. 

Virtually Colleagues is based in the UK and provides this winning service at an affordable price point. Bringing together professionals from key fields such as social media marketing, customer care, finance, administration and the personal assistant sector, client companies can say goodbye to cumbersome contracts and instead work in a more flexible way which matches the needs of dynamic workplaces.

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