We provide the best and most forward-thinking virtual staffing service on the market. Nowhere else offers the range and variety of skill sets that we do. We are the only virtual staffing service that offers virtual colleagues with a scaling of seniority and experience required to help grow your business.

Virtual Assistant Services & More

At Virtually Colleagues, we believe in the power of virtual teams. Virtual assistants have allowed start-ups, small businesses, and businesses that only require small numbers of employees to outsource simple tasks. This is not a new concept. Whilst this concept has been successful, it has remained limited in its scope and offering to growing businesses who need more. As the world moves online and artificial intelligence (AI) begins to get a grip on the job market, the employment landscape is changing. We are ready to take the next step in virtual employment and change with it. At Virtually Colleagues, we’re ready to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled colleagues, on low hourly and flexible terms.

Our virtual assistant services offer colleagues that cover all core business functions with a scaling in seniority and experience to suit your needs. Get specialists with the skill sets you need. Our packages come with the flexibility to spread your hours across multiple colleagues, meaning you have access to a range of skills and experience that you simply can’t get from a single person in the traditional job market.

Experienced Assistants for easy onboarding

Our professionals have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in their field. We’ll match you with a colleague whose experience and skill set most suits your business.

Reliable Service & Process Driven Tasks

We’ll carefully assess your business through our free consultation and use our sophisticated matching system to ensure we match you with the colleagues that best suit the needs and culture of your business.

Account Managers so no task goes undone

A personal account manager will be on hand whenever you need them to ensure you are getting the most out of your virtual colleagues. Our account managers proactively manage our virtual colleagues, meaning you don’t have to.

Hire the right virtual assistant

We’ve got all core business functions covered. Book a free consultation today so we can assess your business needs.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Our UK-based Virtual Assistants will help you with your personal and business day-to-day tasks. Have too many tasks? Need to find more time to grow your business? Then a Virtual Personal Assistant is right for you.

Virtual Admin Assistant

Our UK-based Virtual Admin Assistants are here to perform the admin tasks you simply don’t have time for. Our experienced Admin Assistants can help you build and improve your administrative processes to ensure you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Virtual Bookkeeper/Finance Assistant

Our UK-based Virtual Bookkeepers and Finance Assistants will help the less financially savvy, or those who just don’t have the time, to manage their finances.

Virtual Customer Service Assistant

Lucky enough to have too many customers to handle on your own? Why not reduce the demand on your time by having one of our professional, friendly, and highly experienced Virtual Customer Service Assistants be their first point of contact?

Virtual Sales Executive

Our highly experienced virtual sales executives are available to help you drive your business forward by identifying leads, nurturing sales, and building long-lasting client relationships.

Virtual HR Assistant

Looking for some support with a recruitment campaign? Or just need someone to ensure you are organised and thorough when it comes to personnel files, reviews, and performance management? Our Virtual HR Assistants have can help give you the confidence you need to tackle often tricky personnel matters.

Hire the right virtual management

We’ve got all core business functions covered. Book a free consultation today so we can assess your business needs.

Virtual Marketing Manager

Is it time to start getting your product or service out there? Are you looking for a creative spark to help get a campaign off the ground? Look no further. Our Virtual Marketing Assistants with experience across a range of sectors can help. They know what works, where to put it, and how to drive leads.

Virtual Operations Manager

Is it time to start building robust and effective processes? Need someone to effectively organise and manage a team? We offer highly experienced Operations Managers to help you professionalise your delivery. With 7+ years of senior management experience, they’ll help with all the higher-level aspects of operations, recruitment, budgeting, reporting, and much more.

Virtual Finance Manager

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your finances. We have highly trained and experienced finance professionals with experience working as senior financial managers. They can help you build processes, create budgets, build management accounts, identify opportunities to cut costs, devise financial strategies, build financial models, and much more.

Virtual Project Manager

Is your business growing so fast you’ve got too many projects on the go at once? Do you need a highly experienced self-starter who's ready to independently take on and deliver a project from day one? Our Virtual Project Managers are ready to help relieve that pressure. Get a highly trained professional who is invested in your business.

Virtual Sales/Commercial Manager

Got a great product or service? Need some support and expertise to really start driving sales? We have highly experienced Sales and Commercial Managers with experience across a range of sectors ready to help you build and execute strategies to help grow your business.

Looking for something else?

Contact us. We have a wide range of people with a variety of skills and experience.

Other services

Virtual Lawyer Services/Online Lawyer

Need some legal advice? We can provide online legal advice from solicitors who specialise in online law and e-commerce.

Supporting clients with e-commerce, disputes, intellectual property, social media, trademarks and more.

Virtual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Not happy with your Google ranking? Looking for more search engine exposure?

We can provide you with virtual support and advice from an SEO specialist to help you climb those Google rankings. Being seen is everything. 

Virtual Assistant Services

We have three levels of Virtual Assistant Services packages to suit most business sizes and needs (Starter, Small, and Asset).
We provide you with highly skilled and experienced assistants that can give you support in all core business functions.

Fill skill gaps, gain vital expertise in a certain area, or simply delegate the tasks you just don’t have the time to do.

The large variety of professionals on offer at Virtually Colleagues means we’re able to find the perfect person to meet the needs of your business.

We’ll spend the time getting to understand you and your business, what tasks you will be delegating, and the type of colleague(s) you would like to work with to ensure you have colleagues that perfectly suit you.

Flexible packages mean you can spread your hours across several assistants getting access to all their skills and experience.

Virtual Management

We have three levels of Virtual Management Services packages to suit most business sizes and needs (Executive Starter, Executive Small, and Executive Asset).

Our management assistants can create and implement new processes, recruit and train staff, help build strategic plans, provide detailed reporting on their function, and much more.

Get the experience and knowledge you need to take your business forward. Create strategies and plans that will allow you to grow your business.

Flexible packages mean you can get access to experienced managerial professionals across a range of business functions by spreading your hours across multiple colleagues. We offer the unique opportunity to access multiple management professionals at an affordable hourly rate, giving you knowledge and experience you simply could not get from one full-time manager.

Not sure one of our three packages is right for you? Please contact us to discuss a bespoke package that will suit your business’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

We want you to have the very best experience with our VAs from the moment they start working with you. To ensure we deliver this, we get to know your business inside out so we can provide you with the VA with the most suitable experience to add value to your business. You wouldn’t hire someone who hadn’t bothered to take the time to understand your business, why would that be any different for a VA?

We’ll help you understand what you need during your consultation. It all depends on what tasks you need to complete. Let’s say the tasks you want to delegate take you 1 hour a day, with approximately 20 working days in any given month, you’ll need a 20-hour plan.

We understand it’s not a perfect science and that’s why you can roll unused hours into the following month and can add more hours at your packages average hourly rate.

Our account managers are responsible for ensuring that you have a great experience. Not only will they answer any questions and queries you might have, but they’ll also spend time understanding the scope of work you require from your VA, ensuring that our state-of-the-art task management system is set up to guarantee your VA is always on task and will provide day-to-day management of the VAs based on your feedback. At Virtually Colleagues, you get the whole package.

This is really up to you. Our VAs will work with you in the way that you like working, whether that be over the phone, email, Slack, Teams, etc. Our VAs are trained to transfer any tasks they’re delegated into our state-of-the-art task management system. They then click ‘start’ on our inbuilt task timing software and keep track of exactly how long each task takes them.

We then use this information to bill you each month. At the end of the month, we’ll send you a report detailing what your VA has been spending their time on, so you can see exactly what you’ve been charged for. It’s a completely open and transparent process.

We work very hard to ensure that you get a VA that’s right for your business and have a brilliant track record of putting the right people with the right businesses.

However, we wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t admit that on the odd occasion things just don’t click as we would have hoped. The first port of call if you feel that you need a change is to speak to your account manager. They’ll do everything they can to resolve the situation.

If a suitable resolution cannot be found, of course, we’ll find you another appropriate VA. We would never expect your business to have a VA you are not completely happy with.

When you sign up, you will pick a package that best suits your needs. The day you sign up will become your billing date. We’ll bill you for the package each month and any unused hours will roll over into the next month.

Need some extra hours support? No problem, we’ll simply bill you for the extra hours at your packages average hourly rate.

Yes, of course. You can add as many hours as you like to your package at the average hourly rate of the package you have purchased.

No problem, you won’t lose out. You can roll your unused hours over into the next month.

It depends on what package you have. With our ‘Asset’ package, you have access to multiple VAs at no extra cost, providing you with a wide range of skills to help your business move forward.

Our other packages tend to provide one VA who is a specialist in the area you really need support. However, we do provide bespoke packages for clients that can’t find what they need from our advertised offers.

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