About Us

Our Vision: An empowered workforce driving a modern, highly skilled, and profitable global economy.

Our Story

We know just how hard running a business and team can be. Why? Because we have run them. We also know just how valuable a remote virtual team can be. Why? Because we have built businesses around them. We have successfully experienced this modern, hassle-free, and flexible approach to business growth and success.

There was just one small problem. You can only continue to be successful and grow your business if you have a team that can develop and grow with you. We went back to the market and could not find what we were looking for.

It Was Time To Build A Solution And Virtually Colleagues Was Born

A solution that allows your virtual staff base to grow and develop with your business. Your business will never be too big and your needs too great that there is not a virtual colleague that can add value.

The economy is changing, the job market is changing, and AI is coming. Virtually Colleagues is ready to embrace this change. We are ready to grow into a job market where flexibility is key, the need for human resource variable but the quality, experience, and level of performance required remains high and non-negotiable.

Struggling to get your business running like clockwork? We can help

After successfully using virtual assistants to build businesses, we went back into the market to find higher level, senior managers, experienced financial people, and sales managers to take these businesses to the next level. Time after time we were told, no.

The scope of a virtual assistant is X, Y, and Z. It was here we realised there was a gap, the old-fashioned way of thinking is that virtual assistants and virtual staff have limited scope and value. The modern, forward-thinking entrepreneur and business owner know this is simply not true.

It Was Time To Build A Solution And Virtually Colleagues Was Born

At Virtually Colleagues, we believe in the power of virtual teams. Virtual assistants have allowed start-ups, small businesses, and businesses that only require small numbers of employees to outsource simple tasks. This is not a new concept.

Whilst this concept has been successful, it has remained limited in its scope and offering to growing businesses who need more. As the world moves online and AI begins to get a grip on the job market, the employment landscape is changing, and we are ready to change with it and take the next step in virtual employment.

We are ready to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled colleagues, on low hourly and flexible terms.

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