Managed Remote Workers & Virtual Assistant Services for any business

The Future of Effective Cost-Efficient Staffing

Building a great team doesn’t have to be an expensive headache. We can match you with the best remote staff to cover all your business needs from admin to senior management, keeping them on-track and focussed with our internal management systems. We’ve got all core business functions covered.

We can provide you with the ideal Remote Worker that can help drive your business

It is not easy finding good people. It is even harder finding one person who has a skill set broad enough to help grow your business in all the areas you need to take your business to the next level. We will spend time getting to understand your business inside out. Understanding your vision, what makes you special, and the culture and type of person you need. Using our highly sophisticated matching process, we will match you with the perfect colleague(s) to plug your skill gaps and add the value you need to drive success.

uK based staff with real-world work experience

All our assistants are based in the UK, have built their careers in the UK, and speak English to a native level. We don’t outsource any of your tasks, they’re done by our UK-based professionals who you work with day in day out, who you trust and who understand what your business needs.

vetted & checked to ensure high productivity

We believe that you’re not just paying for a person, but a first-class service. We have built a state-of-the-art task management system and processes to ensure our people are working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

we will project manage your hire to keep them on task

Keep your costs low and your productivity high. We offer flexible terms with no long-term commitment. Our professionals have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in their field. We’ll match you with a colleague whose experience and skill set most suits your business.

Why hire remotely from Virtually Colleagues?

Managed remote workers

We don't just assign them to you and leave you to do the rest. We will manage your assistant's processes, keep logs of progress and ensure they are always on track

Detailed insight into time bookings and hours

See the exact tasks where your VC is spending their time in our time-recording and reporting system. Want to know how many minutes they spent doing something? We have it recorded for you to audit so you have full understanding and control of your burn

On-boarding and on-going management

We can provide value by assisting with your remote handover with our project management and remote company experience


From just a few hours a month to full-time

There always comes a time in your business growth when you need to find more experienced, better qualified, and more senior level colleagues to help move your business forward.

Do not let your business be limited by the scope of work a regular virtual assistant can offer. Our virtual assistants are highly trained professionals in their function, and we’re able to provide you with support in all core business functions.

Find you need more? No problem.

Our flexible packages can be adapted to allow you to secure other experienced, talented, and driven senior managers from multiple functions to help take your business to the next level.

we have individuals that have years of experience in their field that can help run your business

  • We provide the best and most forward-thinking virtual staffing service on the market. Nowhere else offers the range and variety of skill sets we do. We are the only virtual staffing service that offers virtual colleagues with a scaling of seniority and experience required to help grow your business.

Why go virtual? 

• Reduce office costs or the need for an office at all
• Remove the need for HR knowledge, let us worry about that
• Have a completely flexible workforce 
• Don’t be tied down to contracts
• Get ready-made professionals 
• Reduce your need to manage. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art task management system to ensure your colleagues are always on task.

Wide Range of Services
Dedicated Account Manager
Enjoy your work

Our in-house task management system will keep you on task, reducing stress and time wasted.

Friendly Pricing

Only hire as much virtual assistance as you need. Don't pay for labour you don't need and keep your business lean.

Enjoy your work

Our in-house task management system will keep you on task, reducing stress and time wasted.

Become A Virtual Colleague / Assistant

Whether you are looking to become the best virtual assistant, the best virtual manager, or senior leader, we have a role for you.

Why go virtual?

• Work remotely and flexibly
• Get a broad range of experience, working for multiple businesses across a range of sectors
• Build a network, working with the best entrepreneurs in the UK
• Learn new skills and further develop your career
• Be an early adopter in a changing jobs market

Flexible Working Arrangements
Join the changing jobs market


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